Scottish music


These four works, written by Hans Georg Lotz, were taken from the cycle "Points in Time - Character Studies", originally written for piano. He writes about his pieces: "At first sight these pieces may seem rather difficult, and they certainly do not look like normal studies. This is because they are not primarily designed to improve the player's technique. Rather they are intended to familiarise him with a wide range of expressive possibilities. By this I mean bringing out connections, making distinctions audible, emphasising relationships and formulating the proportions that enable structure to be perceived. However, I also have in mind the ability to listen and to take certain decisions, the ability to be both courageous and imaginative." Hans-Georg Lotz lived and worked as a composer and tutor of piano and music-theory in Hamburg. He dedicated a lot of his work to facilitating a deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual experiences involved in music. For him an important aspect of music teaching was enabling the students to new find ways of discovering their true selves.