Scottish music

Mountain Morning

There is barely a life story as colourful as the one of the American composer Stephen Funk Pearson. He grew up in a professor's family and studied (amongst other things) philosophy and music. Journeys led him to India, Africa and Latin America. He built a cabin on an island in British Colombia and lived off the land. He also spent two years in Europe on a Maguire Fellowship. He founded an ashram in New York and raised four owls. He started folk, rock, and jazz bands and was also the author of a cartoon series. Inspired by a long walk on the Scottish Isle of Skye he wrote the piece "Mountain Moor". About the piece "Mountain Morning" - also inspired by experience of nature and originally written for flute and guitar - the critic Paul Fowles writes:" Here is a wonderfully theatrical work. An intriguing and original publication by one of the guitar's most authentic free spirits."