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Café 1930

The Argentinean Astor Piazzolla is one of the most shining composers and musicians of the genre of tango. His compositions and his mastery of the bandoneon (type of accordion) are unique. He created his very own style, formed by aesthetic power, intense expression and Argentinean flavour. Piazzolla was encouraged in the 1950's by Nadja Boulanger, an outstanding composer and tutor of that time, to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to "his Tango". With his "Histoire du Tango" (originally written for flute and guitar) Piazzolla tells the story of the history of the Tango: the origins at the brothels in Buenos Aires as a very lively, graceful music, the developement to slowness and melancholy and the following change under the influence of Bossa Nova and many other styles from across the world. (We recorded the first three of four movements.)