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  1. The Banks o'Doon
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  2. East Parkside
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  3. The Dark and Slender Boy
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  4. Kelvingrove
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  5. Air for Linda
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  1. Mairi bhan óg
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  2. Such a Parcel of Rogues
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  3. Smile in your Sleep
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  4. Wee Morag
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  5. East Parkside (reprise)
    CD The Ten Islands » Order
CD - The Ten Islands

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"There was a time when I decided that, rather than wasting my time with music, I should settle down and become a normal person. I stopped playing music, got a proper job and even got married. It didn't work out in the end, and I found myself back in my home town but lost, with no direction. At this time I met a new friend who played violin. When she heard that I used to play music, she invited me to try it again. She lived in an area of Edinburgh called East Parkside, and it was there that I rediscovered my joy of music, and from there I developed a life in which music was a main part. "East Parkside" expressed my deep emotion at being reunited with one of the loves of my life - music."

Nigel Gatherer

Since discovering the traditional music of his native Scotland thirty years ago, Nigel Gatherer has been passionately involved in collecting, researching, teaching and performing Scottish music. He has formed mixed instrument ensembles around the country, and has recently formed a mandolin and guitar orchestra in Edinburgh. While he has taught many students mandolin, his abiding ambition is "to get people playing music together, to share the joy that making music in groups produces, and simply to change people's lives with music. I know it can be done because I see it happening all the time!" Nigel lives in Perthshire with an artist and a cat.

Produced by Jochen Ro & Jens-Uwe Popp
Co-produced by Marcus Schneider

Recording, Mixing & Editing by Marcus Schneider
Recorded at Punkt-Musik Studio Mike Vogel

Photos of Scotland by Andy Hall
© Andy Hall www.andyhallphotography.com

Photos of Jens-Uwe & Jochen by Jrg Brockstedt
© Jrg Brockstedt www.brockstedt-photographie.de

Artwork & Design by Christian Zimmermann.

Thanks to all the people who have helped and encouraged us with this project. We are very grateful to all of you.
Thank you.

All songs are traditional except #2, 5, 9, 10 written by Nigel Gatherer, published by the Pigpipe Press, Crieff; and #8 written by Jim Mclean, published by Duart Music, London.

All songs arranged by Jens-Uwe Popp & Jochen Ro except #3 & 7, arrangements by Simon Mayor © 1998 all rights reserved.